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NuLook Water Intrusion Damage Repair Water Intrusion Damage SALE - Call today and let one of our professional water restoration agents show you how we will repair, renew and protect the water damaged areas of your home. Call TODAY: 317-573-9358 Water Intrusion Damage Repair Prevent serious damages caused by water intrusion secretly intruding into and damaging your home. There are few things as damaging as water intrusion, from structural damage to mold and mildew with many things in between like rotted or rotting wood, peeling paint and again hidden structural damage including rusting metal or rotting structural beams. Call Now 317-573-9358 The term sick building syndrome is usually a result of water intrusion. Bringing with it new living pests like termites, mold and mildew which can do a huge amount of long slow damage. Call today and let the professionals from NuLook repair your home from the results of water intrusion. Global Warming and Flood Restoration: Whether we like it or not the eco system of our planet has been damaged and is changing. Putting our homes and safety at risk of damage or financial loss. From your roof to the basement and foundation everything is being effected by the changes in our climate. Rains seem to be increasing and the ground is saturating. Water tables are rising which means it may be a good time to install a sump pump. Professional Contractor and Agent - Is your ceiling or wall discolored or spotted? Does your floor feel spongy when walked on or look damaged from rot or water damage. Is your basement wall or foundation peeling and cracking puting your entire house at risk? If you have water damage and need a ceiling repaired, rotted wall plates or studs repaired, flooring, basement or foundation repaired from water damage please call now and we will send one of our professionals over to your home or building: Call Now 317-573-9358 Is your ceiling or wall showing signs of staining? That is the first signal that you should pay immediate attention too. Because if it is showing through the surface chances are there is hidden damage and deterioration happening daily. We will professionally repair plaster,drywall or any other flood or water damage you have. - Let NuLook repair that water damage and protect your home. Basement walls and foundations - Basement walls, floors and house or building foundations are the most vulnerable to water damage. Leaving your real estate investment at risk. We can repair basement ceilings, walls, plaster, drywall, wood, hardwood or carpet floor coverings. Call TODAY: 317-573-9358 Are your walls or is your foundation or basement walls starting to warn you that damage is occurring as a result of water damage.  If you are seeing peeling like in these images then you should call NuLook and let our professionals repair the water or flood damage. Water damage Restoration Wall showing water damage by peeling paint or coating When you see peeling like this it is time to call one of our professional agents and let us investigate it for you saving you money now rather than suffer losses in the future from hidden basement, ceiling, wall or floor damage caused by water damage. Steps and handrails become unsafe. Let one of our professionals come and inspect your steps, handrail and basement walls. Sump Pump Installation Adding an automatic sump pump to a basement or crawl space can save a lot of money and prevent damage. A sump pump has sensors installed inside it that tells the pump that there is water accumulating on your floor or in your basement then it automatically starts pumping the water out so your floor will stay dry and safe. In case of a power outage our sump pumps can also have a battery backup. Let our professions install an automatic sump pump in your house today. Call Now 317-573-9358 All of our customers report excellent results! Call TODAY: 317-573-9358 Proudly Serving Hamilton, Marion and Hancock Counties. Including Avon, Brownsburg, Cicero, Indianapolis, Carmel, Castleton, Fishers, Geist, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville and more. Nu Look Home Services 12415 Windsor Drive CARMEL IN 46033-3145 317-573-9358



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